M’ Styler

  • Easy to Use ! Just comb to solve problems
  • Just invest 3 min to raise competitiveness (★220 V★ plug for the Europe )
  • Amazing effect maintained throughout the day
  • Volume UP, Side hair DOWN, Curly hair STRAIGHT
  • NO Hair damage, No worries for a burn, Good Grip




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M-Styler has great grip since it is designed and manufactured by measuring men’s average hand size, Set at optimum temperature for hair(Set at 120℃ which is the optimum temperature for hair condition), Power indicating light(15-Second preheating/On:red light turns on), Design which prevent a burn(The heat plate covers the comb for safety), Voluminous top hair(Slowly comb top hair from front towards the back), Flatten side hair(Slowly comb side hair from top to bottom), Straighten curly hair(Slowly comb the entire hair from front to back)


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